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Urandaline Investments is an Australian-based consultancy specializing in capital-intensive commodity businesses. 


Urandaline’s mission is to help companies use their distinctive capabilities to exploit practical value adding business opportunities.  Urandaline’s experiences in China’s capital intensive commodity businesses provide unique industry insights which enable us to offer the very best professional advice.


A large part of Urandaline's activity relates to China where, with the assistance of a network of local experts, we follow industries such as electricity, petrochemicals, mining and metallurgy.


Urandaline’s clients range from small local enterprises through to Fortune 500 global companies, but each client is treated as unique with no two projects being the same.

Most of Urandaline's work is undertaken on commission for specific clients but where there is sufficient demand we also produce multi-client studies, samples of which can be found here.
Urandaline’s principal, Michael Komesaroff, has over 40 years experience of Asia’s mineral industries of which nearly 20 years was with Rio Tinto.  His last two roles in Rio Tinto were as President Rio Tinto Japan and Vice-President Strategy for the aluminium business group.  In 1997 Mr. Komesaroff was recruited by an arm of China National Nonferrous Metals Corporation to work in China.  Returning to Australia in 1999, Mr. Komesaroff established Urandaline which has now provided services to many or the world’s largest mining companies as well as investment banks and government agencies.
Mr Komesaroff is a frequent presenter to conferences dealing with China’s capital-intensive industries.  He is also a free-lance journalist and contributes a regular column to the China Economic Quarterly and other GaveKal Dragonomics publications on commodities and related issues. 
He also writes for as range of other industry and general interest publications. Some of these presentations can be found in our library while some of Mr Komesaroff's TV appearances can be found here, here and here.
As a consequence of over 40 years experience in the mining industry, Mr Komesaroff has a strong interest  in public policy and political economy. in 2010 Mr Komesaroff was appointed as Executive in Residence at the School of International Affairs at Pennsylvania State University where he conducted seminars for graduate students on the political economy of the global mining and metals industries. Mr Komesaroff is a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Asian Business at the University of South Australia.  He is also a member of the consultative committee  for the Center on China's Transnational Relations at Hong Kong's  University of Science and Technology.



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